Emergency Management

1301 Mercury Drive
Phone: 713-674-8424
After Hours Phone 713-672-2455
Fax: 713-820-9264

The Emergency Management Department oversees the preparation for and the response to all disasters faced by the city and its citizens. We work closely with the Harris County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, the Texas State Division of Emergency Management and FEMA. As the chief elected Official, the Mayor serves as the city’s Emergency Management Director. She is assisted by the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Contacts:Mayor Ana Diaz MVC-007S

Ana Diaz – Mayor,  Emergency Management Director


Lon Squyres – City Manager, Emergency Management Coordinator


City Manager - Lon D. SquyresMVC-014S

Please sign up for this free service from Harris County 911. It provides  emergency notifications to up to 4 phones in cases of disasters, toxic releases or any other dangerous situations. If your home phone is an old style that used copper phone lines it will already be registered. All others including cell phones and VOIP, Comcast, and others need to be registered.
Just click here to register your phones.